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Real McKoy Driving School Inc.

"Educating lifelong safe drivers."

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Learning to Drive:

Now that you have your permit, how should you tackle learning to drive? Most Rye students learn to drive with the help of their parents or a guardian over the age of 21, but there are other options. Some people find that a private driving instructor is helpful.

One popular company is called Real McKoy Driving School Inc., which is run by Andrew McKoy and offers driving instruction, road test scheduling, and preparation. Juniors Grace and Olivia reflected on their experiences in these private lessons. “Andrew is a great driving teacher, and he made me feel a lot more confident while behind the wheel,” said Grace. “He really helps you nail the important maneuvers and is a fun person to have as a driving instructor,” added Olivia.

2019 Rye Students Share Their Advice About Driving The Garnet Mine 25, April 

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Stat: 2019

White Plains road test Taken:62 Passed: 58

We'll Get You On The Road Confidently! White Plains, NY


Specializing in the real Formula One to pass the New York State road test. Official Driving School Center For Safety. Change your life! Get your driver's license today! And drive today! The Fresh Green light awaits. Lesson plan includes a proven perfect parallel parking method which enables successful parking. Learn rules and regulations of the road and test your driving knowledge with a simulated road test. Depending on friends, family, bus, uber for a ride? Consider New Directions. Pass the road test on the first try. Don't walk, drive into the New Millennium. Learn to drive with the best New York Auto Driving School. Hear this! We win the Golden Crown by maintaining 100% passer rating with adults who've already had a license!

Rye High School Driver's ed in comparison to our driving school's Road test package has advantages and disadvantages. After completion of Driver's ed students can expect to get a senior license before the age of 18, 10% discount on insurance and to drive with more than one of their peers after 9pm. Bare in mind that the road test must be passed in order to unlock the Driver's ed bonuses. Note to parents: Senior driver's license is given automatically on teens 18th birthday. Driver's ed does not include road test scheduling, preparation and a car on the day of the test. Our driving school offers all of the aforementioned with a Road test fee: $160.00.

The Driver Education Program is jointly administered by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and the State Education Department (SED). Driver's ed is a lecture heavy program in which students must attend 24 in class hours. Lengthy lecture can be replaced with our mandatory 5 hour pre-licensing course. As stated on Harrison High School Driver's Ed FAQ flyer,

"A pre-licensing certificate can be obtained EITHER by taking the HHS Driver Education course OR taking a Pre-Licensing course at a commercial driving school."

Pre-licensing certificate is good for 1 year and used to schedule the 8 minute road skills test.

Cost: $80

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles requires participating students in Driver's Ed to complete only 6 hours of behind the wheel driving.The NYS DMV also demands drivers under 18 to drive with parents for at least 50 hours, which includes 15 hours after sunset.The 50 hours must be logged and signed by parents for the road test. (Certification of Supervised Driving form: This means much more driving practice will be necessary after driver's education.

Private driving lesson: $60

Our Road test Package includes the Road test day free after 10 hours/lessons: $750 (Distance fee may apply) White Plains, NY

-Professional guide to NY State DMV driver licensing process

-New drivers encouraged

-Refresher lessons

-Helping nervous drivers become confident

-Schedule your Connecticut roadtest with us

-Pick up Greenwich, CT and Stamford, CT

-Failed the first time, pass the second time

-Learn to become a perfect parallel parker

-Road test appointments scheduled upon request

-Overseas/out of state drivers welcome

-Have road test scheduled a month away or less

-Au pair evaluations

-Pick-up and drop-off at your door step

-Available Sunday-Saturday

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Well priced quality lessons.

Practice makes perfect. 

Note to buyer: Without payment services are not guaranteed. Payment confirmation received is agreed contract once buyer books times in driving school schedule.



Prices may reflect change January 1, 2021